Cash flow is the life blood of any business. Free up cash from your invoices and respond quicker to market opportunities with our factoring solutions.

Factoring is right for your business when:

  • You sell on credit
  • You sell mainly to businesses (B to B)
  • Your customers ask for long term payments
  • Your customers pay late constantly
  • You have orders but no cash to fulfill them
  • Your business is growing with double digits
  • You want to shift time from chasing payments to increasing sales
  • You want to protect yourself against debtors’ insolvency
  • You want to simplify life by outsourcing accounting related issues
  • You want to save time with collection procedures

Our factoring solution comes with a financing service, a professional collection service and you also have the option of a credit protection service to safeguard yourself against bad debts.

Broaden your horizon and take your business into new territories with international factoring.

When a business trades with foreign partners, it may face uncertainties or challenges that do not apply when dealing in its home country. 

A company wishing to export its products may need to give longer credit terms to win foreign markets. 

On the other hand, an importer wishing to increase his imports to respond faster to market opportunities may be required to give additional collateral. 

International factoring will help you to:

  • Extend your business globally
  • Overcome challenges of global trade
  • Extend your credit terms to capture niche markets abroad

How does export factoring work?

Since export factoring is very similar to domestic factoring; invoice finance (up to 90%), collection services and protection against debtors’ insolvency. The only difference is that the debtors are foreign companies. Collection services are outsourced to factoring members within FCI thus removing the cultural, language and time barriers.

How does import factoring work?

Import factoring is the reverse of export factoring. MCB Factors will provide collection services and credit insurance on the local importer to its counterparty, i.e the factoring company of the foreign exporter. This enables local businesses to negotiate more flexible payment terms from their foreign suppliers.

Partnering with Factors chain international

This is when International factoring can ease the traditional problems of selling on open terms. MCB Factors conducts International factoring via Factors chain international (FCI) which is a network of factoring companies with more than 250 members in more than 70 countries 

FCI handles more than 90% of cross border factoring i.e EUR 314 Billion linking more than 300,000 sellers to more than 4,000,000 buyers and handling 237,000,000 invoices.

Find out more on the benefits of factors from our customers’ perspective.

“MCB Factors has helped me boost my sales rapidly and improve in terms of logistics.” 
Mr Sanjeev Ramchurn
Director, Kool Food Ltd 

“MCB Factors provides customised and flexible financial solutions that do not require any collateral.” 
Mr Sylvan Oxenham
Director, E.C Oxenham Co. Ltd

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